Adfontes Software welcomes Financial customers for Oracle Database Performance Monitoring & Tuning

Published 14-08-2017

Adfontes Software welcomes Financial Oracle® customers for Database Performance Monitoring & Tuning


Adfontes Software is consistently enlarging it’s presence in the Oracle community with a fast growing number of customers in Banking, Insurances and Financial Services organizations, who are all depending on great performance of their IT and Oracle® SE/EE Databases.

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for Oracle ( is a comprehensive database performance monitoring and analysis solution for DBAs, IT managers, and application developers. Database Performance Analyzer eliminates performance bottlenecks, improves application service, and reduces overall cost of Oracle operations.

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer is different because it focuses on database response time, finding the root causes of delays inside of Oracle Database Performance Analyzer tracks every query in every active session, and captures the Oracle wait events that impose delays on the query.


SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer supports various Oracle deployment options
to monitor and optimize Oracle performance from a single view, whether that’s on-premise, virtualized, or in the Cloud. Database Performance Analyzer also automatically detects and groups pluggable databases (PDBs) in a container database (CDB) for faster performance optimization in a multitenant installation.



SolarWinds DPA features Overview

-Wait-time analytics

-Performance intelligence

-Collaboration across teams

-Performance history

-Scalable, agentless architecture

-Query analysis and expert advice

-Multi-vendor platform with cloud support

-Locking and blocking analysis

-Alerts and reports

-Application-centric view of database performance

-Supports broad Oracle technologies

-Support for Oracle PDB databases


To learn more read   SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer Evaluation Guide (


Are you also interested in Oracle Performance Optimization? Please contact our Oracle Consulting experts (, you will be contacted shortly.


Adfontes Software is Oracle Gold Partner and is specialized in Oracle Performance, we are currently servicing hundreds of customers using SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer to protect the performance of their business critical applications & Databases. Adfontes Software is Global Solarwinds Trainer for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (>







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