SolarWinds & Adfontes Software shining on Infosecurity Belgium in EXPO Brussels

Massive IT Security Trade Fair with 5000 visitors


SolarWinds & Adfontes Software were shining on Infosecurity Belgium in EXPO 20& 21 March - 2019 Brussels, a massive trade fair for security in information technology and an excellent opportunity to get information about the latest news from the industry and developments in products and technologies. Visitors are mainly IT professionals from various industries, who specializes in securing their systems, EXPO was a very succesful event with 5000 visitors.


SolarWinds was represented by business partner Adfontes Software with a team of certified staff who welcomed and registered hundreds of visitors of the SolarWinds / Adfontes Software Boot.


Main Solarwinds Products of interest were:



•Permission Analysis

• Security monitoring of Active Directory and file servers

• User rights provisioning

• Record access rights activity

• Create audit proof reports

• Role & process optimization



•Centralized threat detection: Real-time, in-memory event correlation for instantaneous detection of unauthorized application/user-activity, database, configuration changes and suspicious network traffic

• Intuitive Interface: Graphical Web UI with easy to read customizable dashboards, and search functionality to find the right information among thousands of logs

• Easy compliance/audits: Automated industry-standard compliance rules and reports

• Reduced overhead: Helps to reduce SIEM management, training and operational overhead for resource-sensitive security departments



• Secure file transfer using client or browser


• Secure web management console

• Access control with granular permissions

• Automated notifications

• Intuitive web interface

• Leverage existing IT infrastructure and Active Directory




• Intuitive patch management software for quickly addressing software     vulnerabilities

• Simplified Patch Management

• Expand on WSUS

• Use SCCM with Ease

• Keep your desktops, laptops, servers, and VMs patched and secure with the  latest patches for 3rd-party applications

• Demonstrate Patch Compliance



•One solution to manage configurations, changes and compliance for routers, switches, controllers, and other network devices from Cisco®, F5®, Juniper®, HP®, Huawei®, Avaya®, Ruckus®, and more.

• Identify and troubleshoot problems faster using optional integration with Network Per­formance Monitor’s NetPath™ feature.

• Seamlessly connect with Cisco Smart Net™ and receive maintenance, security PSIRT, field warranty, and EOL alerts for your Cisco devices.

• Discover, visualize, and audit Access Control Lists (ACLs) in your Cisco ASA environment with Network Insight.

• Automatically identify potential vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS® devices and easily fix them with integrated firmware upgrade wizard.

• Automate complex, widescale configuration changes by utilizing device properties and attributes in configuration change templates.

• Help to maintain compliance with operational and regulatory standards with configuration auditing and automated remediation.



• Centralized, cloud-based security monitoring

• Simple, scalable, rapid deployment

• Continuously updated thread intelligence data

• Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) • Automated threat response • Integrated compliance tools




The Orion Platform is an on-prem, modular software architecture that is designed to offer IT departments unified visibility, enterprise scalability, and ease of use in one highly extensible console.





About Adfontes Software

Adfontes Software is a leading Dutch IT Technology Company, partner of selected vendors recognized by Gartner©. Adfontes brings great business value to customers in all market segments from small to global Fortune 500 with Operational Intelligence & Analytics software and Consultancy. Adfontes Software is certified SolarWinds premier strategic partner and recommended by SolarWinds EMEA management. Adfontes Software is serving hundreds of customers accross EMEA with SolarWinds licenses, Authorized Support renewals & Consultancy.



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Impressum Infosecurity Expo Brussels 2019 Impressum Infosecurity Expo Brussels 2019
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