Adfontes Software welcomes famous Hospital in Amsterdam Netherlands for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer to quickly pinpoint the root cause of application slowdowns

Hospital is highly depending on optimal Application performance

Adfontes Software welcomes famous Hospital in Amsterdam Netherlands for SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer to identify the business critical end users who are exposed to delays and to quickly pinpoint the root cause of application slowdowns.

Our client has successfully been using SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer on a modest scale but now decided to massively enroll DPA software at their Applications & Databases landscape.


SolarWinds DPA quickly pinpoints the root cause of application slowdowns, so IT staff can focus tuning efforts on what matters most: database response time and end-user experience.


SolarWinds DPA correlates five dimensions that impact performance:


1) SQL statements

2) Response time

3) Wait Types

4) System Health

5) Context to reveal the root cause of complex performance problems.


SolarWinds DPA features:

•Query tuning advisors provide actionable advice to quickly correct poorly performing SQL.

•Tracks historical performance and up-to-the-second, real-time analysis with no agents.

•Helps eliminate performance bottlenecks, improve application service, and reduce costs associated with your database operations.

•100% web-based client provides performance data for every team, promoting collabora­tion, and helping to eliminate finger pointing.



•SolarWinds DPA, provides a unified view into your hybrid IT environment: on-premises, on VM­ware®, and in the cloud, including Amazon Web Services®, and Azure® virtual machines.

•SolarWinds DPA features agentless architecture. It typically installs in minutes, with a negligible load—less than 1%—on monitored instances.

•SolarWinds DPA is very easy to use; the visual interface and advice will help both operations teams and DBA professionals to find the bottlenecks quickly.

•Adfontes Software can provide SolarWinds DPA consulting Services


Adfontes Software has delivered numereous SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer licenses to Healthcare organizations accross EMEA. 


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