Adfontes Software welcomes Dutch Government for SolarWinds IT management

Business Critical SolarWinds Orion Deployment

Adfontes Software, premier Strategic Partner of Solarwinds® is consistently extending it’s customer base. Our latest sales-win is from a Dutch Government who is deploying a massive SolarWinds Configuration to keep their ICT Services in an optimal condition.


Customer selected SolarWinds® software solutions like:

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) which is powerful and affordable network monitoring software that allows Network Support teams to quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems & outages

SolarWinds NetPath discovers network paths for on-premise, hybrid and cloud-based applications such as SalesForce, Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow, SAP, Oracle or Citrix etc.

Solarwinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) enables Network Support teams to capture data from continuous streams of network traffic, and convert those raw numbers into easy-to-interpret charts and tables that quantify exactly how the corporate network is being used, by whom, and for what purpose.

SolarWinds IP Address Manager (IPAM) provides them with centralized IP address management that works hand in hand with unified DHCP and DNS administration. This means that Network Support teams can quickly find available addresses and easily configure them on virtually any DHCP and DNS system. IPAM also alerts you in advance of serious problems like address conflicts, poor performing DHCP/DNS servers, or full DHCP scopes.

Solarwinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) improves customer’s efficiency, performance and reliability with automated configuration management, vulnerability assessment and compliance reporting for routers, switches and other core network devices, now includes automated DISA STIG and NIST FISMA compliance assessment and reporting and Cisco IOS vulnerability assessment.

SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper will automatically do the network mapping. Leveraging a unique multi-layer discovery technique, Network Topology Mapper automatically discovers LAN or WAN and produces comprehensive, easy-to-view network diagrams that integrate OSI Layer 2 and Layer 3 topology data (including switch-toswitch, switch-to-node, and switch-to-router port connections)

SolarWinds Additional Polling Engines Additional polling engines will help distribute the polling load for monitoring systems between multiple servers to provide scalability for large networks. Having additional polling engines will also reduce the impact on monitoring system’s core poller performance due to rapid growth within your network infrastructure.




 Adfontes Software Delivered Business value; 

• SolarWinds Orion integrated best- in-class ICT Network management suite

•Ensuring consistent ICT Service levels 

•Quick root cause determination & resolution with ICT disruptions

•Enablement to track down on premise, hybrid and cloud Network issues faster  than any other solutions

•Affordable investment with immediate ROI and additional financial benefits

•Adfontes Software is SolarWinds expert, providing SolarWinds Certified   Consultancy, Authorized SolarWinds Renewal Services & Certified Solarwinds   Admin Training








About Adfontes Software

Adfontes Software is a leading Dutch IT Technology Company, partner of selected vendors recognized by Gartner©. Adfontes brings great business value to customers in all market segments from small to global Fortune 500 with Operational Intelligence & Analytics software and Consultancy. Adfontes Software is SolarWinds premier strategic partner and recommended by SolarWinds EMEA management. Adfontes Software is serving hundreds of customers accross EMEA with SolarWinds Licenses, SolarWinds Certified Consultancy & SolarWinds Authorized Maintenance & Support renewals.






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