Adfontes Software supporting Axians Nederland with SolarWinds Consultancy

SolarWinds is business critical for Axians clients

Adfontes Software supporting Axians Nederland with SolarWinds Consultancy


Axians Nederland has adopted SolarWinds software solutions as a business critical component to optimally service their customers with ICT monitoring and management.

Adfontes Software is recommended by Solarwinds as a key player with SolarWinds Consultancy at expert level. Adfontes Software has an agreement with Axians to intensively support them with the design, implementation and operational usage of SolarWinds Software.




-SolarWinds Design and Architecture Sessions

-SolarWinds Integrations with other vendors solutions (Service management solutions etc.)

-Intake with IT management & Stakeholders

-Agreed Project plan

-High Level Definition document

-Landing and adoption session(s) using LEAN (Risklog)

-Alignement of Axians ICT Staff

-Implementation with Statement of Work plan

-Work in progress (Issuelog and Demand log)

-Evaluation and Lessons learned (delta Consultancy document and Implementations settings document)

-SolarWinds Training and Knowledge Tranfer

-Continuous on premise support with Adfontes Software certified Consultants

-Smooth adoption of SolarWinds software into the organization

-Define & create monitoring profiles for the devices monitored in SolarWinds

-Define & create application templates for the applications running on the servers monitored in SolarWinds

-Define & create alerts definitions and alert actions

-Define & create dashboards for the different teams



According Don Bakels, CEO at Adfontes Software; “we are currently working with  an increasing number of large companies and organizations in EMEA to align SolarWinds software solutions with customer’s business requirements and IT Staff, this goes beyond just an installation of the software but merely has deep impact on how SolarWinds will be optimally used and adopted in the best possible designed SolarWinds architectures”







About Adfontes Software

Adfontes Software is a leading Dutch IT Technology Company who delivers great business value to customers in all market segments from small to global Fortune 500 with Operational Intelligence Analytics & Security software and Consultancy. Adfontes Software is a recommended SolarWinds Premier Strategic Partner and is serving 1000+ customers, partners and resellers accross EMEA with SolarWinds Licenses, Authorized Support Renewals, Consultancy and Training.







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