Boost Azure SQL Database performance with SolarWinds SQL Sentry

Whether you’re using Microsoft Azure SQL Database for your SaaS business, enterprise production, or development and testing, under- or over-provisioning resources can mean either a poor user experience or wasted budget.

SQL Sentry helps you monitor performance metrics, including DTU usage, and be notified of events occurring on your system.

SQL Sentry gives you the ability to distinguish consistent performance patterns from anomalies, which is critical to ensuring your data platform delivers optimal performance for the end users of your applications.





Find and fix high-impact queries in Azure SQL Database


Identifying and resolving query performance bottlenecks is often a time consuming and frustrating task, but it doesn’t have to be. The Top SQL view in SQL Sentry provides the detailed information you need to easily troubleshoot query performance problems in Azure SQL Database.

  • View top T-SQL batches, stored procedures (RPCs), and statements for the current date range

  • Easily drill into problem queries and analyze query plans with integrated Plan Explorer

  • Quickly find top queries by client, application, database, or login






Optimize Azure SQL Database performance

When you pay for the data system resources you use, neither overestimating usage nor under-provisioning is a viable option. SQL Sentry helps you optimize performance by providing metrics you can use to better forecast resource allocation based on utilization.

Using SQL Sentry to monitor Azure SQL Database gives you the ability to see transactions per second, diagnose performance problems with Top SQL, and optimize the data platform with Plan Explorer.

SQL Sentry gives you everything you need to keep Azure SQL Database running at peak performance.