SolarWinds Training by Adfontes Software         

Adfontes Software is providing a wide range of SolarWinds training. We perform both on-site and remote SolarWinds training preferably using your deployed solution, which allows your staff to learn in the comfort of a familiar environment. Our approach suits all types and levels of learners from ServiceDesk staff to systems architects and IT Engineers. We also have our own SolarWinds Lab environment we can use.

SolarWinds product training by Adfontes Software ensures your staff’s professional efficiency so they can utilize the products and services to the true potential. Different training sessions are conducted for business professionals for effective configuration, management, and troubleshooting of the IT infrastructure.

SolarWinds training sessions are the best investment to grow the company’s IT capabilities, performance, and resource management. Challenges and problems are inevitable in a business environment. Our hands-on SolarWinds training sessions ensure that your staff is ready to tackle any unexpected technical issues anytime.

Adfontes Software has succesfully delivered certified SolarWinds training to dozens of strategic SolarWinds customers, please contact our Business Support Team for some references.


Learn with Trained SolarWinds Professionals

Resource management is critical for any business sustainability. Not having essential training will result in increased downtime and decreased efficiency. Technologies and systems get regular updates, so how are you supposed to utilize those updated resources with outdated teams? Adfontes trainers are certified by SolarWinds and have conducted training sessions for hundreds of businesses in EMEA.


Flexible Training Opportunities

Whether you want to deploy new technology for your business or want us to train your staff for the current products, the Adfontes team can always manage things for you. We also offer online and on-site training sessions for all businesses.


Effective Training Methods for Effective Learning

Adfontes Software team has futuristic training labs through which we offer SolarWinds training sessions. We can also arrange training sessions in your current environment, so your staff feels more confident and receptive in a familiar environment.

Here are some common training SolarWinds opportunities offered by Adfontes Software:

  1. Administrator Course for SolarWinds Software – 5 Days
  2. SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) Exam Preparation (2 Days per product)
  3. Customized SolarWinds Training (1- x Days)
  4. SolarWinds HealthCheck Training (2 Days)
  5. SolarWinds Product Training x days


Administrator Course for SolarWinds Software – 5 Days

Our Structured SolarWinds Course is ideally for people who have some knowledge on the SolarWinds products and are the primary user of the solution whose job it is to continue maintaining the platform.


SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) Exam Preparation (2 Days per product)

Adfontes Software provides a range of dedicated classes to help IT professionals prepare for the SolarWinds Certified Professional (SCP) exams. Ensure you have the skills needed to effectively manage network, systems and applications, and/or security, and compliance issues in your SolarWinds environment

Adfontes Software training covers preparation for all SolarWinds SCP exams that are publicly available, including Network Performance Monitor (NPM), Server & Application Monitor (SAM), NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA), Architecture & Design (A&D), and Network Configuration Manager (NCM). Once you have completed our SCP certification training, you will be well prepared to take the exams.


Customized SolarWinds Training (1- x Days)

Adfontes Software’s customized training is based on our customers requirements, we provide Product training for 1 or 2 days or more days for a range of products. Adfontes Software can provide training for all SolarWinds products. It’s all about flexibility and our expert knowledge of SolarWinds technology.


SolarWinds HealthCheck Training (2 Days)

SolarWinds HealthCheck is a 2 Day short consulting service engagement Adfontes Software provides to numereous customers, but some customers require a HealthCheck on SolarWinds every quarter. In this training we train customers IT Staff so they can do HealthChecks on SolarWinds themselves.

SolarWinds-trained certified engineers perform Adfontes comprehensive SolarWinds Healthcheck. So the overview of SolarWinds Healthcheck includes system assessment, audits, and detailed performance checks. In SolarWinds Healthcheck, Adfontes engineers:

  • Minimize the impending SolarWinds system failures
  • Offer expert advice about system usage in its entirety
  • Provide assistance to pinpoint the vulnerabilities and back doors
  • Modify the systems for possible improvements and enhancements
  • Provide a detailed report with recommendations and expert advice

Learn more about Adfontes Software’s HealthCheck on SolarWinds Service

If you want to arrange any type of customized SolarWinds training session for any product, get in touch with us. After discussion, we will make sure to offer the best possible deal that adds value to your understanding of the product.

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