Monitor and Manage Multi-Cloud Environments



In an analysis of over 135,000 organizations, the results show globally, cloud
adoption has reached 81% as measured by the use of cloud productivity platforms by
enterprise organizations. And this trend appears to be gaining steam exponentially
with each passing year.



Many organizations have made strategic decisions to adopt SaaS applications to run
their business. Common ones include Microsoft® 365 and Salesforce®
The benefits of SaaS include the ability for users to access the application from any location, no development efforts required by the customer, and the underlying infrastructure
delivered by the SaaS provider. Payment for these services is by subscription and it
can be treated as an ongoing operating expense rather than a capital outlay. Risks
associated with SaaS include loss of control on the application, little customization
of business processes, and a much higher reliance on the network connectivity
between the user and the SaaS instance.


How SolarWinds Can Help

Monitoring of the performance and availability of SaaS applications

End-to-end network insight for performance and availability

Monitoring and analyzing the performance of database instances in
the cloud


Key Solutions

• Server & Application Monitor
• Database Performance Analyzer
• Database Performance Monitor
• AppOptics™
• Web Performance Monitor
• Pingdom®
• Network Performance Monitor
• Server & Application Monitor
• AppOptics
• Virtualization Manager
• Cost Calculator for Azure
• Loggly®
• Security Event Manager
• Log Analyzer


Info Sheet – Monitor and Manage Multi-Cloud Environments With SolarWinds



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