SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Database Performance Diagnostics software built for SQL query performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning

With support for over 10 major database platforms, SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) empowers database administrators (DBA) to pinpoint the root cause of performance problems typically in seconds or minutes.





Many existing DPA customers and many prospects have added open-souse databases to the mix of database platforms they
use. DPA’s broad database coverage now includes support for the following, both on-premises and in the cloud.

• MariaDB (based on MySQL)
• Percona (based on MySQL)
• Azure Database for MySQL
• Amazon RDS for MySQL
• Aurora for MySQL
• PostgreSQL
• EDB Postgres
• Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
• Aurora for PostgreSQL
• Azure Database for PostgreSQL




SolarWinds DPA VM is a specialized tool designed to give DBA teams the visibility into the virtual layer required to successful manage databases in a VMware environment.VMware changed the rules about what server resources were required to keep a database responding predictably, making it much more difficult for DBAs to see the interaction between the database and the underlying server resources. Predictable performance and availability of databases are critical to supporting the entire application stack.
Here are five scenarios unique to the virtual environment that merit particular attention for the manager focused on a successful VMware initiative:

1) Inaccurate metrics – database server metrics on virtual servers are inaccurate
2) Dynamic Resource Allocation – shifting resources impact database performance
3) No Control over Host Resources– other VMs on the host server affect resource allocation
4) Limited DBA Visibility – DBAs typically don’t have access to vCenter
5) Mutual Ignorance – vCenter is not aware of databases, and databases don’t know they’ve been virtualized










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