SolarWinds High Level Design

Adfontes Software is equipped to use their knowledge and expertise of SolarWinds products to work with clients in order to identify how their SolarWinds platform can be High Level Designed (HLD), improved or aligned to our experience and the business requirements of such a solution. Our technical architects will conduct workshops with client in order to uncover the functional requirements and define the best design and functional delivery of their SolarWinds platform.

  • Setup proactive IT Operations management configuration
  • Define & create monitoring profiles for the devices monitored in SolarWinds
  • Define & create application templates for the applications & databases running on the servers monitored in SolarWinds
  • Define & create alerts definitions and alert actions
  • Define & create dashboards for the different teams
  • Define & create reports for the different teams
  • Define clients IT staff SolarWinds training requirements and deliver accordingly
  • Prepare client’s ICT Staff for alignement working with SolarWinds software

Adfontes Software Deliveries:

  • SolarWinds Design and Architecture Sessions
  • SolarWinds Integrations with other vendors solutions (Service management solutions etc.)
  • Intake with IT management & Stakeholders
  • Agreed Project plan
  • High Level Definition document
  • Landing and adoption session(s) using LEAN (Risklog)
  • Alignement of client’s ICT Staff
  • Implementation with Statement of Work plan
  • Work in progress (Issuelog and Demand log)
  • Evaluation and Lessons learned (delta Consultancy document and Implementations settings document)
  • SolarWinds Training and Knowledge Tranfer
  • Continuous on premise support with Adfontes Software certified Consultants
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