SolarWinds ipMonitor


Essential up/down and performance monitoring for networks, servers, VMware hosts and applications


  • Discover critical IT devices, and monitor their availability, responsiveness, and performance.

Our Startup Wizard guides you through an automated discovery and alert configuration process, offering out-of-the-box recommendations for what to monitor on each device and application.



  • Receive alerts for availability and performance issues

Be the first to know about network issues and application failures. Escalate alerts to other IT staff. Over a dozen notification types help ensure you will know about network issues or application failures. Receive alerts via email or text message, or even right to Windows Event Log files.



  • Monitor network status on maps and NOC view

Pinpoint performance issues on network maps and NOC view, and drill down for problem resolution. Quickly see what devices, servers or applications are experiencing availability or performance issues, and drill down to get specific metrics associated with the problem.



  • Minimize downtime by automating remediation actions

Restart failed applications and Windows services, reboot servers, back up files, and run scripts. Avoid late night calls and resolve issues without your intervention by automating corrective actions to restore services if a failure occurs.








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