SolarWinds Channel Champions Spotlight September 2020

SolarWinds Channel champions is an exclusive advocacy program that allows SolarWinds to demonstrate our commitment to channel partners by giving them a seat at the table. Individuals from top tier partners, in key markets, are selected to participate in this program.

SolarWinds partners with Technical Channel Champions act as a multiplier of the messaging we are proliferating through our head geeks, increasing the reach of this program and making it more relevant to regional markets. They lend a legitimate third-party voice to the conversation, applying a cultural and linguistic lens that makes our message relevant to the market in which they operate.


Edwin Hoekman, Adfontes Software, The Netherlands

We’re delighted to announce our Channel Champion of the month: Edwin Hoekman, Adfontes Software, the Netherlands. Edwin’s journey in IT started shortly after finishing his study of aeronautical engineering. He started as a trainee at ING and worked for them in various positions over 19 years. In 2017, he moved on to Adfontes Software. The company’s enthusiasm for SolarWinds was great and contagious, so Edwin quickly became a SolarWinds enthusiast.

Edwin Hoekman

Edwin demonstrates SolarWinds products in trade shows in the Netherlands and further afield and works closely as a technical consultant with customers from all over Europe.

Outside of work, he’s a blue water diver, as the water in Europe is too cold for him! He and his wife have been all over the globe to see the underwater world, and sometimes they help with surveys on the health of the coral.


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