Introduction Database Priorities & Pitfalls


The industry has arrived at a critical inflection point in database management. The rise of hybrid IT and accelerated adoption of cloudnative apps have evolved traditional database design, management, and monitoring. At the same time, workloads are rapidly shifting to the cloud, and application performance is heavily dependent on the underlying database performance. As a result, organisations are increasingly acknowledging the importance of database performance management and strategy to ensure their most valuable asset—data.


The SolarWinds Query Report 2021: Database Priorities and Pitfalls reveals just how quickly the database architecture and operations tech pros are managing in today’s organisations are changing—and the web of management complexity that follows. The latest SolarWinds survey of database administrators, application owners, engineers, developers, and IT generalists shows most technology professionals are experiencing the impact of shifting strategies and have an eye on three key transformative trends: a near-term migration to the cloud, the elevated role of security and compliance, and the benefits of a DataOps strategy. With application availability and performance as critical business drivers, the database has long been the linchpin of today’s IT environments. However, against the headwinds of increasingly diversified platforms and reduced resources, tech pros must be equipped to do more than reactive maintenance in environments that often exceed 300 databases.


Read the full report here: SolarWinds-The-Query-Report-2021 Database Priorities and Pitfalls



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SolarWinds database performance management portfolio:




  • Database Performance Analyzer – Database management software built for performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning with support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure® SQL Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, IBM® DB2®, Amazon® RDS, Amazon Aurora, SAP® ASE, Percona®, and EDB Postgres databases.

  • Database Insights for SQL Server – Broad coverage with detailed database and system metrics for Microsoft ®SQL Server database-related Microsoft Services and other leading database platforms, to help solve and optimize performance for the largest environments

  • SQL Sentry – Database performance monitoring for the Microsoft® Data Platform, with fast root cause analysis and visibility across the Microsoft data estate. SQL Sentry supports Microsoft ®SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and Amazon RDS SQL Server databases.

  • Database Performance Monitor – Database performance monitoring and optimization for open-source databases, including Azure SQL Database, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL®, EDB Postgres®, GCP for PostgreSQL®, GCP for MySQL, Amazon®RDS, Amazon Aurora ®, Azure®Database, Redis®, MongoDB®, and Vitess®

  • Database Mapper  – Gain control of your database environment

  • Task Factory –  Save time managing tedious data warehousing ELT/ETL tasks












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