Access Rights Management

Managing IT infrastructure security is a major challenge for any firm or organization. SolarWinds Security Management Solutions take an innovative approach for helping companies with Access Right Management. in this regard. To ensure security in how your organization handles access rights, you must be able to monitor all current access activity and view logs of past changes.

The solutions and tailored security solutions are meant to ease the work tension and provide the workflow’s flexibility. Still, managing SolarWinds Solutions require technical expertise and experience.

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager can identify and isolate Microsoft Active Directory user accounts with insecure configurations, which helps protect your enterprise against credential theft and unauthorized user access on top of that it can provide a full audit trail of all permissions and access level changes.

SolarWinds Access Right Management’s software can als0 log the identities of anyone who has made changes to Active Directory, file serversSharePoint permissions, and Microsoft Exchange


Access Right Management Business benefits:

  • Easily create user accounts and review user permissions, groups, and access across all systems,data, and files.

  • Quickly identify and reduce the risk of unauthorized system access and data breaches. Understand and act on high-risk access

  • Minimize the impact of insider threats

  • Improve compliance by detecting changes

  • Identify who has access to what fast

  • Fast, accurate account provisioning

  • Delegate access rights management





SolarWinds Access_Rights_Manager Brochure

SolarWinds Access Rights Manager Customer Success Center



Access Rights Auditor

Scan your Active Directory domain to find out whether it’s potentially at risk by not following best practices. Access Rights Auditor Gain insights on Active Directory and File Server risk areas

Key Features
  • Quick or deep scan of Active Directory permissions
  • Risk report of seven areas of potentially unsafe configurations
  • Identify over-privileged users
  • Detect and visualize nested group structures
  • Generate a PDF report of the findings

Download Free Access Rights Auditor



SolarWinds Managed Services by Adfontes Software

Being the certified SolarWinds partner in EMEA, we find it our responsibility to offer training and implementation services for SolarWinds products. We not only offer business consultancy for organizations, businesses, IT offices, and companies, but we also deploy SolarWinds services and provide HealthChecks on SolarWinds. SolarWinds Managed Services by Adfontes offer stress-free integration of the systems with no risk involved.

How can Adfontes help your Business?

Whether you need IT consultancy or want to train your admin staff, Adfontes is the right platform for your business growth. We offer professional and affordable IT training and implementation for SolarWinds services and products. If you want to unleash the true potential of SolarWinds products and services, Adfontes is the best platform for you.













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