SolarWinds Network Performance Management


The larger and more complex the network, the greater the need for network automation and integrated operations monitoring and management.





Reduce network outages and quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network
performance issues. With critical path hop- by-hop analysis and visualization along
the service delivery path, you can view network performance and traffic details,
regardless of device location.

  • Multi-vendor network monitoring

  • Network Insights for deeper visibility

  • Intelligent maps

  • NetPath and PerfStack for easy troubleshooting

  • Smarter scalability for large environments

  • Advanced alerting







Alert on network bandwidth and traffic patterns with up to one-minute granularity.
Collect, monitor, and analyze NetFlow, sFlow® , J-Flow™, IPFIX, and NetStream™
data to identify how much traffic is on your network and which applications are
being used.

  • Bandwidth monitoring

  • Application traffic alerting

  • Network traffic analysis

  • VMware vSphere distributed switch support

  • Performance analysis dashboard

  • Advanced application recognition




Monitor, back up, and bulk-deploy network device configurations, so you can recover
quickly from hardware faults and configuration errors. Receive real- time change
notifications and help ensure devices are configured and operating in compliance
with regulatory standards.


  • Network compliance

  • Network automation

  • Configuration backup

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Network Insight for Cisco and Palo Alto

  • Integration with Network Performance Monitor








Know how switches and ports are being used, and which switches are nearing
capacity. Know who and what is connected to your network, and when and where
they’re connected. Track endpoint devices by MAC and IP address on your wired
and wireless networks.


  • Automated IP address tracking

  • Integrated DHCP, DNS, and IP address management

  • IP address alerting, troubleshooting, and reporting

  • Multi-vendor on-prem and cloud DHCP and DNS support

  • IP Request Form for streamlining and automating IP address requests

  • API support with CRUD operations for two-way integration with third-party software

  • Locate users and devices on your network

  • Identify users with Active Directory integration

  • Whitelist hosts to detect rogue devices

  • Track sensitive or suspicious devices with a watch list

  • Correlate network topology to endpoints and users

  • Remotely turn switch ports on and off











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