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Software-as-a-Service – SaaS – has received a lot of success in the field of APM, which stands for application performance management. It provides many benefits, such as more insight into your performances. At Adfontes Software, we provide SolarWinds products that make it easier to manage IT infrastructures. We offer solutions to small, medium and large companies worldwide.

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SaaS based APM: discover the advantages

SaaS based APM is very easy to implement within your organization and the installation does not take much time. It allows you to monitor continuously, have less downtime and a lower resource usage. We are an official SolarWinds partner and we offer multiple SolarWinds software products. With us, you can also choose other monitoring tools, such as:

Companies often invest in sophisticated tools to provide insight into their network, but they often forget about other important matters, such as maintenance. If you buy a SolarWinds license, one year of product maintenance is included. We always advise to renew your maintenance to keep access to technical support and updates.

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Would you like to know more about SaaS based APM? We offer training about the software products of SolarWinds to keep you up-to-date. For more information about our products, you can contact us by calling +31627241181 or by sending an email to