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With SolarWinds Storage Manager, managing your storage performance and capacity becomes a whole lot easier. Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep an eye on all the different aspects of your system. At Adfontes Software, we aim to offer practical solutions that improve the performances of your systems.

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How does SolarWinds Storage Manager work?

SolarWinds Storage Manager gives you insight in the performances of SAN, NAS and DAS systems. It provides you with storage monitoring, altering and reporting that is comprehensive and accurate. Thanks to this software, your systems will always run at peak performance. Some highlights of the Storage Manager are:

  • It simplifies troubleshooting of server performance bottlenecks
  • It automates the collection of forecasting data
  • You can easily view storage growth rates
  • It provides insight into the types of files that are being stored

We also offer SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor to give network administrators insight into performances and network efficiency.

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As a partner of SolarWinds, we offer solutions that gives you more insight into your IT infrastructure, such as the SolarWinds Storage Manager and Application Performance Monitoring. We also offer solutions for maintenance to keep your SolarWinds up-to-date. To further optimize the efficiency of your systems, you choose the SolarWinds Platform HeathCheck. Do you wish to know more about our high-end solutions? Contact us by calling +31627241181 or by sending an email to

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