SolarWinds Security Event Manager by Adfontes in demand by new customers

SolarWinds all-in-one SIEM combines log management, correlation, forwarding, reporting, file integrity monitoring, user activity monitoring, USB detection and prevention, threat intelligence, and active response in a virtual appliance that’s easy to deploy, manage, and use. We’ve designed our SIEM to provide the functionality you need without the complexity and cost of most other enterprise SIEM solutions.


  • Centralized log collection and normalization

  • Automated threat detection and response

  • Integrated compliance reporting tools

  • Intuitive dashboard and user interface

  • Built-in file integrity monitoring

  • Simple and affordable licensing




Do you know where to start when investigating a potential incident?

Your current security products are great, but you must be aware if someone tries to trigger an unauthorized event. Do you want to block a specific IP address or detach the USB devices across the network? SolarWinds Security Event Management Software offers full control over your network within the premises. SolarWinds SEM is a complete virtual Security Information and Event Management appliance that makes management and administration a lot easier.


Why do Organizations need SolarWinds SEM?

You have already set up several firewalls and routers and servers for unauthorized access detection. When some threats appear, these systems generate tens of log entries that are hard to process. A manual audit of thousands of entries causes the delayed response towards serious threats. There must be an intelligent way to automatically do all of this for quick response and mitigation of threats. Well, SolarWinds Security Event Manager is the most advanced and effective SEM software right now.





SolarWinds Security Event Manager

Unlike any other SEM software available in the market, SolarWinds SEM comes with full support for all organizational structures. SolarWinds SEM Software not only collects and centralizes logs but correlates critical events too. With the right configuration, SolarWinds SEM application can generate immediate responses to mitigate the insider threat.

The sophisticated, intelligent engine automatically analyzes the different events to detect and neutralize the threats. The tool comes with built-in templates that you can modify according to your needs or create your own rules. You can easily filter and monitor thousands of data logs with a few taps.

How to Quickly Identify Suspicious Network Behavior With Intuitive Dashboards in SolarWinds Security Event Manager




Security Event Manager Customer Success Portal





SolarWinds Managed Services by Adfontes Software

Being the certified SolarWinds partner in EMEA, we find it our responsibility to offer training and implementation services for SolarWinds products. We not only offer business consultancy for organizations, businesses, IT offices, and companies, but we also deploy SolarWinds services. SolarWinds Managed Services by Adfontes offer stress-free integration of the systems with no risk involved.

How can Adfontes help your Business?

Whether you need IT consultancy or want to train your admin staff, Adfontes is the right platform for your business growth. We offer professional and affordable IT training and implementation for SolarWinds services and products. If you want to unleash the true potential of SolarWinds products and services, Adfontes is the best platform for you.



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