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Remote support is now more important than ever

There has never been a better time to move to Cloud Software as a Service with Dameware Remote Everywhere because of the enforced and accelerated shift to safely remote working the office of the future is here. The remote employee that works with on premise products will take up heavy resources, require complex configurations and will bring additional security concerns. A switch to Cloud Remote Support is advisable.


SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere provides a uniquely powerful remote support solution for IT professionals to access nearly any platform or device to solve issues quickly. It delivers clear visibility and communication capabilities to solve technical problems fast and delight end users. Packed with all the features of premium, expensive solutions, offers powerful tools, reporting, and session monitoring at an affordable price. Whether responding to a user support request or performing unattended maintenance,  technicians can complete any remote support function with minimum clicks and time.

Deployment starts at the web portal, where you create accounts for your technicians and set privileges for each one, determining which tools they’re allowed to use. Technicians can also be assigned to particular departments, which allows support requests to be automatically routed to the right person.

The web portal also hosts the client software for Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints, to which you can apply profiles determining what features are available. A master password option lets you restrict access to the agent, and endpoints can be set to automatically lock when unattended sessions finish.

With today’s continually shifting data sovereignty laws, customers must stay on top of how and where their organization’s data is being housed. IT departments understand this all too well and are charged with adhering to privacy regulations as part of their daily practice. Moreover, with an unprecedented increase in IT technicians providing remote support to end users, this is a critical priority organizations cannot overlook.
As of this communication, new DRE customers in EMEA will now have their data stored within the EMEA region.


Techs need sharp, powerful tools to diagnose issues quickly and ensure end users get the service they expect. Dameware Remote Everywhere offers some of the most advanced troubleshooting, communication, and security features to get the job done fast and right.



Dameware Remote Everywhere not only provides clear dashboards and data to help you optimize business efficiency, but also gives you tremendous flexibility to brand and configure elements for your organization. DRE also considers ironclad security fundamental, so you and your end users can rest assured that data is designed to stay safe at every point in the support process.



Dameware Remote Everywhere offers simple and pleasant end-user experience.. Fast, simple connection and fluid communication are critical to making sure end users and technicians resolve issues swiftly, the first time.





Dameware Remote Everywhere Business Value

  • Fast remote control

  • Safe remote support

  • Remote access to sleeping and powered-off computers

  • Thorough system information

  • Session information details

  • Reporting engine

  • Live chat and video conference calls

  • Lightweight ticketing system

  • Multi-monitor support

  • Cloud Software as a Service, annual subscription with low prices

  • Up & running in minutes



Dameware Remote Everywhere annual subscription Starts at € 440

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Whether you need IT consultancy or want to train your admin staff, Adfontes is the right platform for your business growth. We offer professional and affordable IT training and implementation for SolarWinds services and products. If you want to unleash the true potential of SolarWinds products and services, Adfontes is the best platform for you.

How is Adfontes Software Empowering EMEA Region?

Implementing new technologies for existing business require expertise and experience. Even if you don’t have a dedicated IT section in your office, Adfontes Software got your back. We are certified managed services providers for SolarWinds products and services. We make new technologies easier for your staff with interactive training sessions. We are a one-stop-shop for SolarWinds solutions and products.







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