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February 2021



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Network Security – Executive Summary

Digital innovation, cloud adoption, and the recent widespread shift to remote work have fundamentally transformed the network. And with the increased reliance on cloud-based resources, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and data moving from the data center to multi-cloud environments, the need for a new approach to secure network access—especially the challenges of implicit trust inherent in legacy network architectures—has become clear.

Today’s organizations require immediate, uninterrupted access to network and cloud-based resources and data, including business-critical applications, from any location, on any device, at any time. The challenge is that many of the issues resulting from digital innovation efforts, such as dynamically changing network configurations and the rapid expansion of the attack surface, mean that many traditional security solutions no longer provide the level of security and access control that organizations and users require.

Adfontes Software’s partnership with Fortinet, a leader in both the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant reports for Network Firewalls and WAN Edge Infrastructures, guarantees market leading & extremely valuanble state of the art network security technology.




Why Data Security is Important?

Data breaches have become the trend in the business world and companies are losing millions of dollars due to Ransomware and data thefts. Most data breaches occur due to poor or lack of data protection protocols. You are not only responsible for the protection of your confidential data and information but consumers’ data and information must be protected at any cost. A data breach can get your organization into legal trouble because legal institutions require organizations and companies to protect the users’ data.

The need for stronger and effective data security protocols have urged organizations to invest in data protection and Fortinet is offering state of the art data security tools for SMBs and organizations. Whether you already have an IT infrastructure or want to automate your data security, Adfontes Software can help you with a state of the art security-drive networking approach by Fortinet. We detect and neutralize the security threats in the technological environments and we also help to automate your data security approach for the prevention of future attacks.





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The Fortinet flagship enterprise firewall platform, FortiGate, is available in a wide range of sizes and form factors to fit any environment and provides a broad array of next-generation security and networking functions.The Fortinet market position and solution effectiveness have been widely validated by industry analysts, independent testing labs, business organizations, and media outlets worldwide. Fortinet is proud to count the majority of Fortune 500 companies among its satisfied customers.



The Importance of Network Security

Today’s threat environment is always changing, and from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to ransomware, the frequency, volume, and sophistication of cyberattacks show no signs of slowing down. All organizations require network security because even a minor disruption to network infrastructure—such as a minute of downtime, or a lag in service performance—can cause damage to an organization’s reputation, bottom line, or even long-term viability. Catastrophic cyberattacks, which often begin as seemingly benign intrusions that inadequate network security tools failed to catch, can force organizations to pay crippling fines and even close their doors for good.






Fortinet Associate

             Fortinet Network Security Associate



IT Security by Fortinet

Fortinet is one of the industry leaders in the IT security sector. With next-gen security products and IT services, Fortinet is leading the global security market with AI-driven, cloud security, and network security services. The addition of new channels and devices into your network can open new doors for hackers and competitors who are looking for opportunities to damage your reputation. Fortinet can prevent that from happening with advanced IT security products and solutions for businesses of all sizes.

From data classification, network, and cloud security to encryption of the data, Fortinet has the right resources and tools for your business. We have partnered with the industry leader to offer our technical services and managed IT services for the global market. Their products and services are known to be the best as Fortinet has been named as a leader in the network and WAN Edge Infrastructure security in Gartner Magic Quadrant.




Do you know your Business Data?

Are you aware of the sensitivity and confidentiality of your business data? Do you know your data is vulnerable to data breaches without advanced firewalls and other data security protocols? Well, we are aware of all data security threats and risks that can damage your business. Fortinet offers flexible data security solutions and services that can expand with the growing business needs.

We can help your business to resolve all data security problems and challenges. Adfontes Software not only deploy the Fortinet security products for your business but we also offer employee training for your staff. At the end of the day, data security matters the most and Fortinet products help to detect and neutralize the data security threats and loopholes in your networks.



Fortinet IT Security Services

Automation is the need of the day and Fortinet security products offer automated detection and mitigation of the security threats without interfering with the organizational flow. The most critical and confidential information must be protected and guarded as the survival of your company depends upon the business data.

Fortinet IT security products offer a comprehensive approach for the protection of sensitive and most critical data from unauthorized access and external threats.




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Adfontes Software is a leading strategic SolarWinds Channel Champion Partner that delivers great business value to customers in all market segments from small to global Fortune 500 with IT Operation Management (ITOM) Software & Services, delivering to 1000+ customers, partners and resellers across EMEA with SolarWinds Managed Services, Licenses, Subscriptions, Support Renewals, best in class certified Consultancy, High Level Design & Training. Fortinet Security Solutions will bring enormeous business value to our customers.



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