Our customer is using numerous mission critical applications on a variety of database platforms processing millions transactions per day, now with Enterprise Database Performance Monitoring Software to proactively monitor & enhance performance of applications & databases with continuous performance management software



SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) focuses on performance analysis, often identifying problems before a traditional monitoring system will show a yellow light. DPA relies on a methodology  called Response Time Analysis as a way of   tuning and improving SQLquery performance. One of the major benefits of this approach is it lets IT teams align their aims and efforts with service-level delivery—this means instead of analyzing server health to make forecasts likely to be inaccurate, it measures the time taken to complete specific operations. This time is then broken down into single, measurable steps, so you can pinpoint exactly which of those steps is causing delays in the application. The unique Response Time Analysis focus is setting SolarWinds DPA apart from the competition.



Response_Time_Analysis, along with accurate historical performance tracking  allow your team to stay on top of Application Performance .



DPA metrics integrate with other useful monitoring tools like SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor (SAM). The SolarWinds Platform is built to provide a centralized dashboard showing database performance metrics from DPA integrated with SAM server health tracking for a more comprehensive view of performance across customer’s infrastructure.





SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer, best performance database management software, enables you to correlate database response time with underlining guest OS and infrastructure by mapping performance issues to key virtual machine metrics to determine the impact of VM performance on the database.

You can also see a high-level dashboard with overall wait time performance status alongside overall CPU, memory, disk, and network performance, with the ability to drill into alarms to pinpoint when and where hypervisor performance resides. With agentless setup and implementation, DPA can typically have you collecting and Monitoring_Databases_on_VMware and host performance data in minutes.






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Broad database support
• Oracle
• Oracle RAC
• Oracle Exadata
• Oracle EBS
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Azure SQL Database
• Azure SQL Managed Instance
• Aurora
• MariaDB
• Percona
• PostgreSQL
• EDB Postgres
• Azure Database for PostgreSQL
• Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
• Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL
• Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
• Support for physical, virtual, and cloud-based databases including Azure and AWS RDS
• Database Performance Analyzer uses SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, Oracle, or
MySQL for its repository













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