As our customer’s , a leading Insurance company in Benelux,  data estate continues to grow, they need assurance that their DB monitoring solution will scale accordingly and won’t consume excessive computing resources—which only adds to the performance problems. And are you confident your solution can monitor physical, virtual, and cloud-based environments? SolarWinds® SQL Sentry empowers you to manage performance across your SQL Server database environment, including SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, SQL Server Analysis Services, and virtual machines on Windows or VMware. SQL Sentry is proven to monitor 800-plus SQL Server instances—with one monitoring database, no loss in data, and low overhead—so you can be confident it’ll help you solve and prevent performance problems, not become part of the problem. Adfontes Software Consultancy team are delivering expert knowledge & training.









The SolarWinds team has gone to great lengths to produce consistent and realistic load tests and to analyze the stresses SQL Sentry monitoring can place on CPU, memory, network, and I/O while a typical load is running against several monitored SQL Server instances. Our strict adherence to engineering for the lowest possible overhead allows us to capture more data points with higher granularity than any other system without becoming the cause of performance issues. To determine the optimal timing of data collection, our SQL Server experts put careful thought and consideration into:

  • What data is truly actionable based on real-world scenarios?

  • How will the data pro use the information?

  • How often does the data change?

  • What is the inherent overhead in collecting the data?

SolarWinds SQL Sentry uses this information to determine the optimal intervals for collecting various types of data, taking into consideration the volatility and relevance of a data point such as CPU usage or memory.

SQLSentry recommendation on Microsoft website:








Read more in sql-sentry-datasheet

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