If you are looking for implementation support, licenses, proof of concept support, managed services or training, Adfontes Software can step in to solve your data challenges.




How is Adfontes Software Empowering EMEA Region?

Adfontes Software is specialized in Database Performance Management software, we have an impressive track record of customers in all market sectors who we are servicing with Database Performance Solutions, even customers using the top 3 Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions, come to us because they need a more granular view on Database Performance.

Implementing new technologies for existing business require expertise and experience. Even if you don’t have a dedicated IT section in your office, Adfontes Software got your back. We are certified managed services providers for SolarWinds products and services. We make new technologies easier for your staff with interactive training sessions. Adfontes Software is a one-stop-shop for SolarWinds solutions and products. Our state of the art certified consultancy is recognized by our customers.

Once you have implemented the new database management system, are you done with the responsibility? Is everything going to be flawless forever? What if your database management system cannot accommodate the growing data? How can we determine the efficiency of the database systems?

All of these questions bother almost every business with off-the-shelf or custom-made database solutions. Data keep growing, and DBMS must have room for upcoming data flow.






What is the Function of Database Performance Software?

Database management is a lot more than just processed calculations and records. At the back-end, millions of queries and functions are processing enormous databases. SQL Query performance monitoring is essential if you want to keep enjoying the database systems’ desired functionality.

If some query fails, it will sabotage the database and impact the results. If not tracked continuously, you might end up with false results and vague insights. Database testing and monitoring software keep track of the system performance. Scheduled testing and monitoring allow the DBA experts to take action before serious troubles might occur.

“Data, and database growth, is exponential,” said Rohini Kasturi, EVP, CPO, at SolarWinds. “With this added growth comes added complexity, making it difficult to find resolutions when problems arise. And if this wasn’t difficult enough, hybrid environments make performance monitoring harder than ever. Adding Database Insights for SQL Server strengthens our database performance management offering for customers who rely not only on the Microsoft SQL Server database management system, but on a wide array of databases today.”



Database Performance Analyzer by SolarWinds

SQL Queries need monitoring and tuning, so SolarWinds introduced the Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) tool for businesses. DPA by SolarWinds is compatible with many existing database technologies and techniques. You can use SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for testing, monitoring, and optimization process of back-end database processing.

With agentless setup and implementation, DPA can typically have you collecting and Monitoring_Databases_on_VMware and host performance data in minutes.







Database Performance Analyzer not only detects the problems that cause limitations but also mitigates the root causes. With the prioritized actions and detections of bottlenecks, DBA experts can take instant actions to keep up the database systems’ smooth flow. One of DPA’s outstanding features is Response Time Analysis




Database Anomaly Detection Powered by Machine Learning

Improve database performance by using an anomaly detection tool

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Database Performance Tuning to Improve DBMS Performance

Gain the database tuning tools you need to ensure performance

Maximize Azure SQL Database Performance

Monitor, analyze, and optimize Azure SQL performance

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SolarWinds SQL Sentry Database performance monitoring for the Data Platform, with fast root cause analysis and visibility across the Microsoft data estate is of great value manageing your Microsoft platform.






Leverage DataOps observability to optimize database performance

Are you constantly fighting database performance fires, looking in vain for the root cause of SQL Server slowdowns? Without the right information, you could waste valuable time looking in the wrong places for the answers to your performance problems. You need accurate, actionable, detailed metrics to quickly identify and address database problems. With SQL Sentry, you enable observability so that you can effectively monitor, diagnose, and optimize your entire database environment. SQL Sentry helps you get out of fire-fighting mode so you can keep your databases running continuously at peak performance. SQL Sentry gives you the level of detail you need to find and fix SQL Server performance problems.




Top SQL is a user interface that displays long-running and high-impact queries so you can easily troubleshoot SQL Server performance problems. With sortable grids, runtime charts, and index and statistical analysis, you can quickly determine root cause, prioritize issues, and move on to the next problem.

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Advisory Conditions

Advisory Conditions are a proactive alerting and response system that helps you customize notifications based on parameters that are specific to your environment. By using pre-built or customer Advisory Conditions, you can anticipate and prevent database performance problems.

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Performance Analysis Dashboard

The Performance Analysis Dashboard gives an overall snapshot of database environment health across the Microsoft Data Platform. You can easily drill down into details to uncover the root cause of performance problems.

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SQL Server Deadlock Analysis: Detect and Resolve Deadlocks

SQL Server Deadlock Analysis is a capability in SQL Sentry that helps DBAs find and fix SQL Server deadlocks, which are situations in which two or more tasks block each other by having a “lock” on a resource needed complete the task. By using SentryOne SQL Sentry, you can quickly resolve deadlocks and improve SQL Server performance.

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Integrated Plan Explorer

Tune high-impact queries and plan a successful indexing strategy with Plan Explorer, which is integrated with SQL Sentry. Plan Explorer helps you troubleshoot poorly performing queries by giving you powerful index analysis capabilities, a visual display of query statistics, and query playback so you can see which operators are putting the most load on the system.

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SQL Server Blocking Analysis

Although blocking is unavoidable, you need to be able to efficiently analyze blocking details to quickly identify the root cause—and understand the full impact—of a block.

With SQL Sentry, you can view all SQL Server blocks during a specified time range that exceed the minimum blocking duration and kill blocking processes with the click of a button.

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Monitor SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

SQL Sentry can automatically monitor Always On Availability Groups, which provide HA/DR capabilities in SQL Server. SQL Sentry gives you real-time insights into the state of your Always On environment. You can view the environment by Windows Server Failover Cluster node, by SQL Server instances, or by Availability Group.

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Enterprise Scalability

SQL Sentry has proven scalability far beyond competitors’ products, with demonstrated success monitoring 800+ SQL Server instances with one monitoring database. Our innovative use of SQL Server technology to scale monitoring to large enterprise workloads was the focus of a Microsoft profile. The article said that SQL Sentry “has shattered barriers to data ingestion and monitors its customer databases without impediment” and that SQL Sentry is built with current data management trends in mind.

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End-to-end VMware visibility with SolarWinds SQL Sentry

Running SQL Server systems on top of VMware? SQL Sentry provides a unique view of resource utilization for VMware hosts. Analyze network, CPU, memory, and storage performance for VMware hosts and their virtual machines (VMs).

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SQL Server on Hyper-V Performance Monitoring

SQL Sentry makes Microsoft Windows Server performance monitoring easier. With SQL Sentry, you can correlate and track Windows performance metrics and processes, grouping by applications such as SharePoint, Internet Information Services (IIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). SQL Sentry provides OS insight around disk latencies, disk space, and core resource utilization. The Hyper-V host dashboard allows you to see how resources are being allocated and utilized by virtual machines and allows you to easily jump to a VM dashboard.

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SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Performance Monitoring

Struggling with SSAS slowdowns?

Troubleshooting SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) performance problems can be frustrating, especially for data professionals who are new to the platform. To identify and resolve SSAS performance challenges quickly and correctly, you must understand where potential bottlenecks might lie and what metrics help identify the problem areas.

Learn More


Database Insights for SQL Server

Uniting the features and functionality of the SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) and SolarWinds SQL Sentry (the flagship product of SentryOne), into a new, single licensed product, Database Insights for SQL Server provides the in-depth performance and environmental data teams need to optimize the performance of Microsoft SQL Server and other leading database platforms running on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

Database Insights for SQL Server combines DPA’s database anomaly detection capabilities powered by machine learning with the SQL Sentry detailed performance information, helping to pinpoint problems, speed time to resolution, and prevent them from reoccurring. It delivers relevant, actionable metrics to help data professionals monitor, view, and report on Microsoft SQL Server databases regardless of where they reside, monitor overall performance with the ability to drill deep into database and OS internals, and customize performance dashboards to stakeholders’ needs. Further, Database Insights extends beyond SQL Server to provide some of the broadest database coverage available in the industry, managing the performance of more than 20 database platforms, from on-premises to in the cloud.




SolarWinds Database Performance management portfolio includes the following products:

Database Insights for SQL Server – Broad coverage with detailed database and system metrics for Microsoft SQL Server database-related Microsoft Services and other leading database platforms, to help solve and optimize performance for the largest environments.
Database Performance Analyzer – Database management software built for performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning with support for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, IBM DB2, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, SAP ASE, Percona, and EDB Postgres databases.
SQL Sentry – Database performance monitoring for the Microsoft Data Platform, with fast root cause analysis and visibility across the Microsoft data estate. SQL Sentry supports Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and Amazon RDS SQL Server databases.
Database Performance Monitor – Database performance monitoring and optimization for open-source databases, including Azure SQL Database, MySQL, MariaDB, Percona, PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres, GCP for PostgreSQL, GCP for MySQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, Azure Database, Redis, MongoDB, and Vitess.




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