Cloud security differs significantly from traditional security, as the cloud involves remote data centers and a variety of cloud service providers. In this article, we’ll explore the key differences and similarities between cloud security and traditional security.

Key Differences

Responsibility: With traditional security, businesses are responsible for securing their on-premises infrastructure and data. With cloud security, the responsibility is shared between the cloud service provider and the business. The cloud provider is responsible for the security of the cloud infrastructure, while the business is responsible for securing its own applications, data, and access.

Scalability: Cloud security must be scalable to accommodate the dynamic nature of cloud environments. Traditional security solutions are often limited by the physical infrastructure of the business, which can make it difficult to scale security solutions.

Access Control: Cloud security solutions need to be able to provide access control for remote users, devices, and applications, while traditional security is focused on securing access to on-premises resources.

Encryption: Encryption is a critical component of cloud security, as data is transmitted over the internet and stored in remote data centers. Traditional security also uses encryption but typically focuses on securing data at rest rather than data in transit.

Multi-tenancy: Cloud security must be designed to accommodate multi-tenancy, as multiple customers may be sharing the same cloud resources. This requires additional security controls to ensure that each customer’s data is secure and isolated.

Key Similarities

Threat Detection: Both cloud security and traditional security solutions must provide threat detection capabilities to detect and respond to cyber threats.

Vulnerability Management: Both cloud security and traditional security must have a process for identifying and patching vulnerabilities in software and systems.

Compliance: Both cloud security and traditional security must be designed to comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Authentication: Both cloud security and traditional security must provide strong authentication mechanisms to ensure that only authorized users have access to resources.

Monitoring: Both cloud security and traditional security must have a process for monitoring access to resources and detecting anomalous behavior.

Netskope Solutions for Cloud Security / Digital Security

Netskope is a cloud security platform that offers a range of solutions for digital security. Netskope solutions provide visibility and control for cloud services, helping businesses ensure that their data and applications are secure.

It offers granular policy controls for data protection, access control, threat protection, and compliance. CSPM solution helps businesses ensure that their cloud environment is configured correctly and that there are no security gaps. It provides continuous monitoring and compliance checks for cloud infrastructure, applications, and data.

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Cloud Security

While there are some significant differences between cloud security and traditional security, both require a focus on threat detection, vulnerability management, compliance, authentication, and monitoring. However, cloud security requires additional considerations, such as shared responsibility, scalability, and multi-tenancy, which make it a unique and complex challenge. Businesses should be aware of these key differences and similarities when developing a security strategy for their cloud environment.

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Adfontes Software is now partner with Netskope

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