SolarWinds Managed Services for IT Operations Management ITOM are globally in demand

Adfontes Software’s HealthChecks on SolarWinds IT Operations Management ITOM, part of our SolarWinds Managed Services offering are increasingly in demand by our global customers. Adfontes Software certified consultants have provided dozens of HealthChecks on SolarWinds ITOM for SolarWinds strategic accounts accross the globe.

Companies & Organizations that demand our SolarWinds Managed Services are;

  • European Union organizations
  • European Datacenters
  • Global Food & Beverages Company
  • European Logistics Company
  • Healthcare organizations
  • European Service Provider
  • Financial Services Company
  • Global Bank
  • European Bank
  • Global Energy Provider
  • Global Mining Company
  • United Nations Division
  • Utility Provider
  • Global Industrials

What is the HealthCheck on SolarWinds IT Operations Management?

The HealthCheck on SolarWinds ITOM  is a short remote consulting engagement that helps to resolve day-to-day performance issues, and identifies areas to further optimise the efficiency of customer’s SolarWinds IT Operations Management platform. Recommendations are also made to enhance the configuration of your platform to improve productivity, ease-of-use, and maximise the benefits of SolarWinds to any organisation.

The Healthcheck on SolarWinds ITOM includes:

  • Perform a baseline analysis of the SolarWinds ITOM deployment
  • Assess the health of each component that makes up the solution, identify if any areas are affecting system performance and stability. Identify the levels of performance required for the solution
  • Determine what, where and how performance improvements can be achieved to optimise the architecture of the deployment
  • Meet customer requirements from the resources available and identify any training requirements to ensure internal staff are equipped to gain maximum benefit from the solutions
  • Provide  HealthCheck on SolarWinds ITOM Report and action plan to restore health and operational requirements

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