The security management process is planning, implementing, evaluating, and monitoring security measures to protect people, data, property, and facilities from harm.

The first step of process security management is the identification of hazards that could potentially affect an organization. The next steps involve assessing risks associated with these hazards and determining what actions need to be taken to reduce the risks. The third step is carrying out appropriate measures that are part of a planned security management process to control risk. Security managers will also monitor how well their approaches are working overtime so they can make informed improvements if any issues arise.

Security management process stages

Information Security Management (ISM) is the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information that can be used to improve or enhance the performance of an organization’s information security. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines including computer security, network security, software engineering, cyber-infrastructure science, and policy which are used to produce information on measures taken to secure critical infrastructure and protect sensitive data. ISM is also seen as one component of the overall management of security process of Information Technology (IT).

An information security management system (ISMS) is a recognized set of processes, procedures, and policies put in place to ensure that information security is practiced. CSTB (Centre for Security Testing and Evaluation in the Netherlands) states that ISMS must comply with a range of regulations, including:

(1) ISO/IEC 27000 series on information security management;

(2) ISO/IEC 18000 series on identification cards;

(3) ISO/IEC 20000 series on IT service management;

(4) ISO/IEC 12207 on software life cycle processes;

(5) ISO/IEC 15408 on software evaluation.


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