Security event management is an integral part of cyber security. It can be considered as a form of threat intelligence that focuses on analyzing what has happened, the impact it had, and how to avoid similar attacks in the future.

Cyber security risk management is another definition worth mentioning. It analyzes threats to assess their potential impact on an organization’s operations or data. It also determines preventive measures to reduce risk exposure before any sensitive information has been compromised. The processes used are sometimes referred to as risk analysis, which includes estimating threats, probabilities of occurrence, vulnerabilities, and assessing the risks for vulnerability.

What does Security Event Manager do?

Security event manager (SEM) is the solution that allows organizations to manage and analyze their security events through an intuitive web interface. Once these security events are analyzed, the results can be shared with other teams and with the providers of cyber security services.

SEM can be used to gather both structured and unstructured data, such as logs, traces, errors, and system messages, along with all proprietary data such as configuration files or network traffic.


Security Event Management Training

Security Event Management Training helps organizations to recognize the threats, analyze their occurrence and the possible damage that can be caused by these threats. It also analyzes the available solutions for each threat and considers what is already in place within an organization.

SEM training is helpful for security analysts and managers who have a daily task to follow up on new vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, or services as well as new threats like zero-day attacks or advanced attacks.

SEM analysts also use SEM to maintain their baseline of what is happening in their network and analyze suspicious activity reported from endpoints such as firewall logs.




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